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Finding a New Rhythm of Life

Posted on August 30, 2015 at 9:50 AM

I think human beings thrive with rhythm. Some might call in repetition or our habits or patterns of behavior. They are all gleaned from years of doing something over and over. Many are found entrenched in the stuff from our childhood.

Children thrive with a schedule and a rhythm. I have seen some kids that completely lose their minds if the plan changes. Life has some big surprises for them, eh? Children also seem to be more settled when they know what to expect in general. Remember, they are seeing EVERYTHING for the first time. Their little brains are expanding daily and taking in new information. Rhythm helps them to assimilate the new information without having to reprocess the daily grind.

But, we get curve balls all the time. These curve balls are either “opportunities” or “hurdles” depending on our perspective. When a curve ball comes at you…in other words, something that you expected suddenly changes…what is your first reaction? I think most instinctually say, “WHAT???”. Depending on how you are wired your next response will set the stage.

If your experience has been that new directions usually bring turmoil and unrest you will probably expect that. You may be preparing for the worst and ready yourself to take the licks.

If your experience has been that new directions equal new opportunities your mind will be already problem solving and attempting to see what can be created out of this new material.

How do we get wired or programmed? This is where the rhythm is created. As adults we are uniquely qualified to redirect our programming. Some reprogramming may take a lot of work. However the up side is that we have that power. If you are tired of reacting the same way, getting the same results or not getting results, maybe it is time to reprogram. Get a different rhythm. Try it for a period of time to give it a chance to settle in; most new things don’t feel “comfortable” at the onset. If it starts to feel better and reap the desired results then maintain it until it becomes the habit that you want to have as your new rhythm.

Don’t be owned by bad habits. Don’t be owned by old programming that doesn’t work. Above all, don’t be afraid of trying a new rhythm and putting some significant effort towards it. You may find some new and exciting paths for your life that would be left undiscovered.

Action Plan: Where do you find the inspiration to set upon a new path? How do you stay motivated to do the work? People, please don’t reinvent the wheel. Many, many very successful people are all around you. Study them! Take notes! Steal their ideas. Read about how they have overcome and persevere. Find not just one hero but a hundred. Write stuff down and get visual with it. Talk. Talk to yourself, your network of people, and your dog. But talk about what you want. Then most importantly, do the walk…..every day. When you skip a day, get back to it. Find that new rhythm.


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